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Effortless Transitions... Turning overwhelm and frustration into feeling overjoyed about life and work

When most people think of making a transition, they usually think of changing careers, jobs, relationships or moving to another location.  They rarely think aboout the changes in their beliefs and attitudes that are necessary to live their lives more fully. What would you need to shift to create significant lasting changes in your life that result in living more peacefully and happily? 

The thought of change makes you cringe? What if you applied spiritual laws to create the change you want effortlessly?

There are no struggles, only the ones in our minds.  There are no challenges, only the ones we create.  There are no obstacles, only the barriers of fear and resistance that we construct to hold us back.  When you GET that you can create the life you want by gaining clarity around what you want, holding the vision, focusing on it and only it, taking action and putting yourself in the higher vibrations of joy and gratitude, your life can miraculously transform effortlessly. As a spiritual teacher, I help you awaken your spiritual gifts and discover your divine life mission. 


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“Life can be a journey of discovery and choices that lead to richness, expression, passion and fulfillment…if we just take the natural steps in the direction of our heart’s calling.”  Claire

    What do you want to be different?

  • Your business/career
  • Your financial situation
  • Your attitude about life and yourself
  • Your relationship with yourself and others

  What would it be worth to you?

  • To live your life on your terms
  • To have more time, energy, balance, joy, love and peace in your life
  • To do what you love, love what you do and make a living
  • To live your life on purpose

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Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it!

  What Clients Say About Claire

"I came to Claire utterly confused about what career path I should pursue. I was steeped in indecision and unable to figure out what I wanted to do. Through Claire’s coaching, she opened my eyes to discover a path that I found truly fulfilling. Claire has an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle nuances in our conversations that reveal tremendous insights. After each of our coaching sessions, I felt inspired and enabled to achieve anything. Elizabeth R., Assistant V.P. Program Marketing

 "I recently sold my multi-million dollar business and started a new one. I contacted Claire Walsh to be my transition coach so that I could develop a values driven focus for the new endeavor and reconnect to many of my creative gifts I had put on the back burner. Claire’s approach, guidance, resources, and sensitivity facilitated the changes I needed to make in me! I am now well on my way to a happier, more balanced and energized business and life." ~ Dr. Jennifer L. Wild, President/CEO,Alternate Perspectives Incorporated

 “When I’ve been hard on myself and had trouble seeing my progress, Claire has done an excellent job of reflecting my strengths, values and goals back to me. She is also able to re-direct me when I’ve started to stray from important goals I have set for myself. She keeps me on track by summarizing the results of our coaching session. Warm, enthusiastic, intuitive and spiritual, that’s Claire! ~ Leslie F. Denver, CO

 "So you ask what worked and what didn't work about my coaching…Given my results, that question sounds a bit silly. It ALL worked, Claire! You gave me what I needed at the exact, perfect time. You pushed me when I needed it and eased up when I wasn't ready. You made me see things at appropriate moments and really made a difference. You even acknowledged when you knew we could stop coaching because I got it! Working with you is one of the best things I ever did." ~ Wendy. C., Centennial, CO


No matter what challenge you are facing, I believe when you change your thoughts you change your destiny.  You can create your best life now and do it more easily when you work with Claire!  What are you waiting for? 
Now is the time to invest in you!

Invest in yourself!

I invite you to call me at 303.796.9887 for a complimentary no-obligation coaching conversation to discuss your goals and how I can assist you to consciously achieve what is most important in your business and career and to create the life you want.

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